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Crowded Fire is an ensemble theater dedicated to supporting a diverse body of artists in the Bay Area and beyond who offer fierce, energizing, intellectual, and deeply moving work. Our audience and donors are an integral part of our community, key stake-holders in the art, watching and supporting a play’s growth from early developmental workshops through to the production.

A contribution to Crowded Fire is an investment in new and exciting work.

In the last five seasons,
60% of our plays produced have been world premieres

60% of our mainstage programming received support through The Matchbox: CFT’s Commissioning and Developing New Works program

A contribution to Crowded Fire allows for a diversity of stories to be told.

We believe art is always political, and that in order to move toward a more just society, theaters must offer a wider range of aesthetics and voices on our stages. Our plays supplant the traditional western canon, and it is often through The Matchbox’s intensive individualized new-play development path, that these plays are born. The playwrights CFT supports stand on the shoulders of the great playwrights who have come before them, but explode out conventional forms of 20th century drama by creating new, breathtaking work that challenges audiences to engage and question.

A contribution to Crowded Fire  directly supports the artists.

Over half of our operating budget goes to the actual people that make the art happen and most of the rest of our budget is in materials for the productions you see plus rent. Overhead? Less than 1%. We’re scrappy and thrifty. 

YOU make this work possible.  Click through to register and contribute today!

Or, if you prefer to donate via check, please send to:

Crowded Fire Theater Company
870 Innes Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94124

All donations are tax deductible. Thank you so very much for your support.

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