Past Productions

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2012 Season

Good Goods by Christina Anderson (West Coast Premiere)
INVASION! by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles
The Hundred Flowers Project by Christopher Chen

2011 Season

Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven by Young Jean Lee (West Coast Premiere)
Exit, Pursued By A Bear by Lauren Gunderson (Rolling World Premiere)
Sticky Time by Marilee Talkington  (World Premiere)

2010 Season

Forever Never Comes  by Enrique Urueta (World Premiere)
The Secretaries by The Five Lesbian Brothers

2009 Season

DRIP by Christina Anderson
Wreckage by Caridad Svich (World Premiere)
Wormhole by Marilee Talkington & Jacopo de Nicolo (Matchbox Production)

2008 Season

The Listener by Liz Duffy Adams (World Premiere)
Gone by Charles L. Mee (West Coast Premiere)

2007 Season

Anna Bella Eema by Lisa D’Amour (West Coast Premiere)
Big Death & Little Death by Mickey Birnbaum (West Coast Premiere)

2005–2006 Season

We Are Not These Hands by Sheila Callaghan (World Premiere)
Juan Gelion Dances for the Sun by Dominic Orlando (World Premiere)
Porcelain by Chay Yew
Contours: A Shakespeare Project by Marissa Wolf (Matchbox Production)
Music for 2 Cellos and 24 Televisions by David Rhodes (Matchbox Production)

2004–2005 Season

Slow Falling Bird by Christine Evans (World Premiere)
One Big Lie by Liz Duffy Adams (World Premiere)
69Stories: One Pervert’s Tale and No Good Deed by Mollena Williams (Remount & World Premiere)
Brown by Aaron Loeb (Matchbox Production)
Second Sight by Lea Bender (Matchbox Production)

2003–2004 Season

Slaughter City by Naomi Wallace (West Coast Premiere)
The Garden of Jezebel by Peggy Powell (Matchbox Production)
Boys, Guys, Men: A Field Guide by Mollena Williams (Matchbox Production)

2002–2003 Season

‘Maid by Erik Ehn (World Premiere)
A-A-America! by Edward Bond (American Premiere)
The Train Play by Liz Duffy Adams (West Coast Premiere)

2001–2002 Season

49 Miles by Trevor Allen (World Premiere)
Cat and Mouse (Sheep) by Gregory Motton (American Premiere)
Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

2000–2001 Season

A Murder of Crows by Mac Wellman
Solo Trio 2 , various
69Stories: One Pervert’s Tale by Mollena Williams (World Premiere)
Trojan Women: A Love Story by Charles L. Mee (Bay Area Premiere)

1999–2000 Season

A Hard Heart by Howard Barker (Bay Area Premiere)
One Flea Spare by Naomi Wallace (Bay Area Premiere)

1998–1999 Season

Locked from the Inside: The Chris Fisher Story by Kimberly Davis Basso (World Premiere)
Solo Trio, various

1997–1998 Season

Greek Salad by the ensemble (World Premiere)
Light Shining in Buckinghamshire by Caryl Churchill

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