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August 1st, 2011 | CF Monkey | Comments Off on About Us

“…a feisty company specializing in difficult, subversive works by emerging playwrights.” — SF Weekly, 2011

 “…one of San Francisco’s most uncompromising small theaters.” — The San Jose Mercury News, 2008


Currently in our 14th season, Crowded Fire Theater (CFT) serves as an indispensable home for new play production on the West Coast. CFT develops and produces a diversity of plays compelling in language, vision, and structure. We work with local and national playwrights who create powerful, sharp edged plays that are in great need of a producer who will take a risk on new, untested work. Coming out of the vanguard underground theater scene across the country, playwrights such as Liz Duffy Adams, Christina Anderson, Lisa D’Amour, Lauren Gunderson, Young Jean Lee, and Caridad Svich were all lauded in the Bay Area for the first time through Crowded Fire productions.


In order to reach out to a board spectrum of audiences, we deeply believe in the power of supporting work by a body of playwrights whose plays give visibility to under-represented communities.  We are committed to presenting work that privileges female playwrights and the multiplicity of experiences within communities of color, LGBTQ communities, and communities with disabilities.


CFT provides a rich home for our ensemble of Resident Artists made up of top Bay Area actors, designers, dramaturgs and directors. This ensemble, with its wealth of interests and ideas, as well as the dedication and talent of its members, represents one of the company’s most significant strengths. An integral part of the producing season, each of the Resident Artists contributes to at least one project per year, as well as serving as an artistic advisory committee to the company.


Crowded Fire’s ensemble produces poetic, bold theater created by new and contemporary artists.  We seek to engage our community by producing adventurous work, innovative in structure, which addresses the diverse political and social concerns of our audiences.


Founded in 1997 by Rebecca Novick and a group of young artists interested in experimental contemporary theater, Crowded Fire began as a nomadic theater company, performing in the Exit Theatre, Traveling Jewish Theatre, and Thick House.  In 2005 The San Francisco Bay Guardian awarded Crowded Fire the Goldie Award for Theater; Rob Avila wrote, “Success like this is always exceptional. One way Crowded Fire has gained that success is by establishing a well-deserved reputation for challenging modern work as aesthetically rich as it is politically and socially provocative.”  As the company’s visibility and production values have grown, we’ve maintained the pioneering seed of urgent, bold contemporary theater in our work, regularly recognized on Bay Area critics’ Top Ten lists for our feisty innovative spirit.

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