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The vibrant cohort of playwrights who work with Crowded Fire Theater are standing on the shoulders of the great 20th century dramatists who founded new experimental forms of theater.  Now Bay Area playwright E. Hunter Spreen stands on the shoulders of the venerable Sam Shepard, as we bring you FREE readings of two Sam Shepard short plays, followed by Spreen’s companion piece, October 21st at 7pm.


E. Hunter Spreen

The evening kicks off with Evanescence, or Shakespeare in the Alley (Shepard, 2011), a wildly experimental, playful piece about a woman’s journey through grief, complete with a swivel chair and watermelons falling from the sky!  Next up is Red Cross (Shepard, 1966), a surreal drama with startling language that is certain to leave you breathless.  E. Hunter Spreen’s new short play The West is Won about Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) the Army private who released classified documents on wiki-leaks, resonates deeply with the Shepard shorts.  Spreen crafts a rhythmic, structurally innovative piece that crackles with life and literal fire.

Crowded Fire is delighted to join the ranks of Bay Area theaters celebrating the Sam Shepard Legacy Project, helmed by The Magic, offering a fresh look at Shepard’s powerful body of work. The evening is directed by Susannah Martin.  Crowded Fire Resident Actors Cindy Im, Michele Leavy, Lawrence Radecker, and Marilee Talkington are joined by Jomar Tagatac.

Join us on October 21st at 7pm at the Thick House (1695 18th St) for this free evening of short play readings! 



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