Found in 410 [GONE], Blog.

Great teaser trailer from Amanda Melton allows for a peek into the complex and exciting world depicted in 410[GONE]! Only two weeks left to see this stunning otherworldly adventure!


Hyphen Magazine, Joy Tang
“A previous Hyphen review called Frances a “fearless, fiercely intellectual writer whose work unsettlingly thematizes the transgression of boundaries…”  This reviewer simply adds that she can also write a real tear-jerker without an ounce of nostalgia or a trace of sentimentality. If you cry at this play, don’t worry. It’s just because it hurts so good.”

KQED Arts, Sam Hurwitt
“Director Evren Odcikin’s fast-paced staging deftly incorporates the play’s heavy technological element…It’s the aching humanity under the otherworldly hijinks that makes it all pay off, and ultimately makes you question who the real goddess of mercy in this story is.” Also many shout outs to all of the actors and designers!

TheatreDogs, Chad Jones
“mesmerizing and ultimately moving…This is a smart, funny play that, for all its edgy games, turns out to be a modern riff on Orpheus and Eurydice.”

San Francisco Chronicle, Rob Hurwitt
“Cowhig is a distinctively original writer with a brash, at times provocative style and a wit that can sneak up and catch you off-guard”



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  • YakvidTheBraveOne


    Woo! Really glad to see this show is getting the attention it deserves. I really love working in a community (I’m at Playwrights Foundation) that supports so much new work. If anybody is interested in MORE of that kind of thing (happening in the same theater as 410[GONE], no less) they should check out

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